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By John Moore


(MVD Visual)
Whether you’re a fan of the music or not, Black Metal has always been a fascinating topic. Thanks to whispers about ties to Satanism and church burnings, it’s likely one of the most widely talked about genres that very few haver ever actually heard. In this fascinating documentary, filmmakers follow musicians from Iran, Greece and Columbia as they all make plans to trek to Norway, the birthplace of Black Metal. The individual stories are fascinating, especially that of Sina an Iranian metalhead who can easily end up jailed or kicked out of his country for playing Black Metal. There is also a subplot around one Greek Black Metaler who dreams of writing a memorable Christmas song and even more laughable, the Columbia band that pledge their souls to the devil to help get enough money to make it to Norway. Devil horns high in the air for this one.

(Universal Studios Home Entertainment)
Despite being a wildly entertaining thriller, Split will likely always first be known as the movie that revived M. Night Shyamalan’s career. It focuses on Kevin (played brilliantly by James McAvoy), a loner who kidnaps three teenagers from a mall parking lot. As he holds the girls captive underground somewhere, they begin to discover his multiple personalities, (23 that his psychiatrist knows about). A final personality is revealed toward the end and like all of Shyamalan’s great early movies, there is definitely a twist. A fantastic thriller from start to the very final minute.

Donnie Darko Limited Edition
(Arrow Video)
Sixteen years after it was first released, Richard Kelley’s Donnie Darko has morphed from a simple cult classic to outright cultural touchstone. The puzzling, but fantastic ’80-set drama mixes teen angst with mystery and sci-fi, a formula that creators of Stranger Things borrowed liberally from for their series. Arrow Video has just put out a fantastic 4-disc collector’s set that includes the original movie on Blu-Ray and DVD, a director’s cut of the film and a slew of extras including several featurettes, deleted and altered scenes and infomercials for the movie. This beautiful box set also comes with a book featuring an interview with Kelly and promotional material.



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