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The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

By John Moore

The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

Rick and Morty: Seasons One - Three Box Set (Warner Brothers)
Who knew a humorous cartoon sci fi sitcom about a scientist and his grandson traveling to other dimensions would become a legitimate pop culture phenomenon? As devotees wait for new episodes to arrive, the first three seasons are available in an impressive box set that boasts fan favorites like "The Ricklantis Mixup" and "Pickle Rick". The set includes 31 episodes as well as bonus content from every season, like commentary and featurettes. A must have for any true Rick and Morty acolyte.

American Vandal: Season One
(CBS Home Entertainment/Paramount)
Thanks to a mash up of smartly-written sophomoric humor and Making a Murderer-style documentary story telling Netflix was able create a genuine hit about a high school vandal who spray painted penises on cars throughout the school parking lot. This satire boasts plenty of cliff hangers and false leads as the writers deftly mimic the latest style of true crime documentarians. Catch up on season one and quickly dive into the second season online.

Band Vs Brand (MVD Visual/Cleopatra)
On the surface, it's an odd topic for a documentary: how the branding a rock band is so important, at times overshadowing the group's music. It seems more apt for a college-level marketing class than an entertaining movie for music fans, but it somehow manages to be just that. Through a slew of interviews with figures in the hard rock and metal world (including musicians from Megadeth, Hawkwind, Great White, Keel and Slayer), director Bob Nalbanian goes to show how the right logo, attitude and legacy songs can outlive original band members with plenty of examples of how rotating line ups seem to have little effect on the success of many groups.



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