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By John Moore

The Pretenders – With Friends

This live set recorded in Atlantic City goes back 13 years – with 2006 appropriate bands – but the show still sounds just as compelling today as when it was first recorded. The Pretenders tear through more than a dozen of their classic tracks, as well as a few covers associated with their musical guests. with Incubus, Iggy Pop, Kings of Leon and Garbage's Shirley Manson sitting in. While the band's catalogue is the highlight, the group and Pop taking on his classic "Candy" and the Manson duet on Garbage's "I'm Only happy When It Rains" are just as fun.

Hail Satan?

No group in recent history has done a better job of both trolling and racking up court wins against overreaching Christians trying to force their religion on the country than the Satanic Temple. This funny and thought-provoking doc looks at the "religion" that was essentially set up in 2013 in part to ensure the separation of church and state, through witty theatrics and strong court challenges. The filmmakers capture the spirit, the humor and the purpose of the group remarkably well.

My Scientology Movie

The Church of Scientology refused to grant interviews with Louis Theroux on his documentary, so he teamed up with Mark Rathbun, a former, high-ranking member of the church and hired actors to play out incidents documented by Rathbun and other former members of Scientology. The result is both terrifying and hilarious. The doc takes a bizarre turn when the church sends a camera crew and investigators to follow the filmmakers around which seems to only validate all the bizarre and frightening tactics Theroux and his team sought to highlight in the first place.



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