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The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

By John Moore

The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

Den Of Thieves
For a straight-on action/gunfight movie, Den Of Thieves gets the job done nicely. Even the plot is impressive, but it seems like the characters were little more than an afterthought. Set in LA, it revolves around a group of ex-military bank robberies looking to pull off an inspired, difficult heist inside a massively-guarded Federal Reserve. The thieves are pitted against a special unit of the LA County Sheriff's Department, comprised of some fairly loathsome cops, led by Gerard Butler. It's difficult to figure out if we're supposed to be sympathetic to Butler's character, who simply comes off as an asshole to everyone he encounters – including his family. Then again, there's hardly anyone to root for among the thieves. There's an inspired twist ending, however, that ultimately that makes the movie worth it in the end.

Late Blossom Blues
(Let's Make This Happen)
Australian filmmakers Wolfgang Pfoser-Almer and Stefan Wolner turn in a beautiful tribute to the late Blues great Leo "Bud" Welch with Late Blossom Blues. Born in rural Mississippi in the 1930s, Welch worked in the cotton fields most of his life. Many saw his talent as a Blues guitarist, but he never aimed beyond performing in the churches and local clubs because he wanted to be able to provide for his family. This doc focused on the late-in-life discovery of Welch by Blue aficionados thanks to the tireless efforts on a fan and Gulf War veteran who focused on getting the Bluesman a record deal and shows across the globe. The movie is compassionate, yet frank – not afraid to show Welch at his worst – but overall an inspiring look at a man who deserved a bigger audience decades ago.

Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland
Scotland, the country that brought the world haggis, the Loch Ness Monster and some of the best booze on the planet, serves as backdrop for Anthrax's latest concert film, as part of the "For All Kings" Tour.
Filmed in February 2017 at a sold-out show in Glasgow, the DVD includes two sets and covers a robust 18 songs. While there is obviously some of their newer material here, like "Breathing Lightening," "Evil Twin" and "Blood Eagle Wings," along with some deeper cuts from other records, the band rewards the fans with some classics as well. Together since the early '80s, Anthrax still sounds powerful, so many decades later. Four, fifths of the and band has been playing together since the '80s and they still put on a remarkably tight show.



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