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By John Moore

A Bad Moms Christmas (Universal)
While there is certainly a rushed feel to this follow up to the successful original movie, through a remarkably likeable cast (Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn), the movie manages to succeed once again. The three moms are joined with no notice by their own mothers for Christmas. Despite a sitcom-esque set up, plenty of jokes still manage to land. The writers (who also directed) at times try too hard to recreate many of the same scene from initial movie, but the stellar cast manages to save it in the end.

Culture Club - Live At Wembley (Cleopatra Records)
Boy George-led Culture Club are right up there with Madonna, Prince and Springsteen in having defined the 1980s. That in mind, it's still impressive to hear how well songs like "Church of the Poison Mind," "Do You Really Want to Hurt me" and "I'll Tumble for Ya," have held up more than three decades later. Live At Wembley was recorded at the end of 2016, with a fully reunited band who can play with as much energy as when they were packing stadiums in the mid- '80s. The group brings along a horn section and a stellar collective of back-up singers to fill out these anthems.

The Deuce: The Complete First Season (HBO)
There was a lot of hype around this James Franco/Maggie Gyllenhaal series when it was first announced, but in a rare instance, the show managed to eclipse even the high expectations. Drawing on extremely compelling characters, the series is set in early 1970's New York, when police were making a push to get prostitutes out of Times Square. At the same time, the porn industry was just starting to take off. Franco plays twins, Vincent Martino, an entrepreneurial bartender and Frankie, his deadbeat brother. Gyllenhaal is a pimp-less prostitute who realizes directing porn is a much safer and lucrative path. With just eight episodes, the creators have already pulled together one of the best dramas on TV.



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