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By John Moore

The Latest DVD, Blu Ray & VOD Releases

Jordan Peele's follow up to the surprisingly brilliant Get Out, though not as universally praised as its predecessor, still manages to be a thought-provoking, thoroughly original story. The horror movie focuses on a family going to their vacation rental in Santa Cruz and discovering an entire race of evil doppelgangers in red outfits out to kill their mirror images. The acting, especially by Lupita Nyong'o, is stellar and the mix of horror and dark comedy is flawless. The only downside is the actual origin story of the Reds, which seems tacked on an underexplained. Regardless, Us is a continuation of Peele's strong track record as a writer/director.

Lords of Chaos
(Unobstructed View)
At this point, more people have heard the story of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem than have actually heard their music. Lords of Chaos, based on the book of the same name, follows this band in the mid-to-late '80s as the bored suburban kids progress from simply scaring the locals with their long hair and pentagrams to burning churches, trashing cemeteries and eventual murder. There is also a particular gruesome side story about the members making jewelry from skull fragments of their deceased singer. The story, though disturbing, is highly compelling thanks to the carefully measured nature the story unfolds. It could have easily been played over the top, but the slow, subtle de-evolution of the band makes for a much more impactful movie.

Randy Bachman
Forty-plus years removed from his biggest hits, it's easy to forget just what a powerhouse Randy Bachman was in rock music. First with the Guess Who and later with Bachman Turner Overdrive, the songwriter and guitarist wrote a slew of memorable songs and even more iconic guitar riffs. Along with Bachman, the doc includes interviews from a number of fellow Canadian musicians like Neil Young, Rush's Alex Lifeson and Buffy Sainte-Marie. Most compelling here is the discussion around the guitarist's strong Mormon belief system and how that often conflicted with the traditional 1970s rock life style.



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