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Under the Lights
What's Happening on Stage in Atlanta in MArch

March 9 & 10
St. Mark United Methodist Church
Actor's Express commemorates its 30th Anniversary with a special concert version of The Harvey Milk Show March 9-10 at Saint Mark United Methodist Church in Midtown. AE founder Chris Coleman returns to reprise his powerful performance in the title role. When AE first produced the iconic show back in 1992, it confirmed AE's position as one of the boldest and most ambitious theatres in Atlanta. Get tickets early as with only two performances the nightly shows will sell out.

March 9 - April 22
Horizon Theatre
(404) 584-7450
A musical adaptation of the classic Freaky Friday is set to dazzle audiences at Horizon Theatre, March 9 - April 22. When an over-worked mother and her teenage daughter wake up to discover they have magically switched bodies, each is forced to adapt to the other's life, literally walking in each other's shoes, for one freaky Friday. With a wedding fast approaching, the pair must find a way to switch back before their situation goes entirely haywire. "Freaky Friday is full to the brim with heart," said director Heidi Cline McKerley. "At the show's core are the beautiful complexities of the mother-daughter relationship, what it means to be a family and how the power of empathy can improve every circumstance. The humor in the book translates well into this adaptation and plays an important role in the score, which audiences will find simultaneously catchy, soul-stirring and clever." Freaky Friday employs rousing pop-rock harmonies and sharp choreography to breathe new life into this American classic

March 23 - April 15
Alliance Theatre
(404) 733-5000
Alliance Theatre Mellon Playwright in Residence Pearl Cleage offers two one-act plays separated by 30 years but connected by the presence of Jenny Anderson. Jenny's longing to understand her mother in Hospice has become the center of her life in Pointing at the Moon. As the world changes around her, Jenny must decide what she knows for sure and find a way to pass it on. Hospice was first performed in 1983 and was honored with five AUDELCO awards for achievement Off Broadway. Taken together, these two plays offer a rare glimpse of the playwright in passionate dialogue with her younger self.

April 6 - 7
The Fox Theatre
(855) 285-8499
Stomp, the percussion sensation, makes its Atlanta premiere at the Fox Theatre Friday, April 6 and Saturday, April 7. From its beginnings as a street performance in the U.K., Stomp has grown into an international sensation over the past 20 years, having performed in more than 50 countries and in front of more than 24 million people. The show has continued to change by creating new material. This year it will incorporate two new pieces. It is safe to say you will never again look at supermarket carts or plumbing fixtures the same way. They also make music from paint cans, kitchen sinks, trash can covers and more. The performers make a rhythm out of anything they can get their hands on that makes a sound. A unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy, Stomp has created its own inimitable, contemporary form of rhythmic expression.



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